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Hi, it's Michael here.

I wanted to take a minute and tell you a few things about myself and how I ended up helping Non-BPDs and their BPD loved ones from all around the world to overcome their issues and have the kind of lives and relationships that they want.

I have suffered myself from borderline personality disorder for nine looooong years. However I had not been diagnosed with the disorder because back then nobody was able to understand what was "wrong" with me.

I was determined to deal with my emotional problems, so I went back to school and have studied psychology for five years. In July 2010, after graduating, I discovered that my symptoms described perfectly seven out of the nine diagnosis criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder.

Being the therapist and the patient at the same time I had the unique opportunity to understand the "dark" depths of this terrible mental disorder. This understanding have allowed me to create a unique therapy system to treat Borderline Personality Disorder effectively.

My first website, www.TheBorderlineTreatment.com, is dedicated to educate BPD sufferers, help them understand what is going on with them, what are the causes of their problems, and to provide them with books and online therapy. My goal is to help as many BPD sufferers as possible to overcome their borderline personalities and finally have the fulfilling and meaningful lives that they deserve. This is where you as Non-BPD can play a key (!!) role.

Shortly after launching the first website more and more Non-BPDs found out about it and started sending me letters and email. They asked me to teach them how to relate correctly with their BPD dear ones, to make the BPD person change without being "pushy", "rushy", or "unfair", to deal with the borderline phases and reactions, and eliminate their own emotional pains and damages.

Since then I have worked personally with countless Non-BPDs both online and offline. The knowledge, experience, and insights I have gained are being made available here on this new website www.NonBPDSolution.com , in my new ebook 'End The Borderline Chaos', and in the online coaching sessions.

None of this could have been achieved without a massive help from my parents, my grandmother, my wonderful wife, and my mother-in-law. I am deeply grateful to them.

Psychology is my profession AND my passion. I am very interested in everything that is in connection with the human mind, in improving and optimizing human potential, and making my knowledge and experience available, easy to understand, and easy to use by as many people as possible from all over the world.

I also like to travel, to discover new places and cultures, and to spend time in nature.

If you'd like to find out more about me and how I can help you, go through the various sections of this website write me. I would love to help you transform your relationship with your BPD dear person!

I'm looking forward to talking to you,

- Michael


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  • Understand The BPD Mind
  • Learn To Do And Say The Right Things
  • Heal Yourself
  • Induce Change In The BPD Person
  • Learn To Handle Every Situation
  • Build A Happy And Harmonious Relationship



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