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Get Personalized Help To Heal Your RELATIONSHIP With Your BPD LOVED PERSON From Someone Who Is A Clinical Psychologist AND Had Suffered From BPD Himself!


  • Do you feel like you always need to pick your words very carefully or otherwise you risk to be accused or have your words twisted against you by your BPD loved one?

  • Are you always anxious because you never know when the next borderline episode is going to come?

  • Does your BPD dear one suddenly change from loving to hating you, then back to loving you? Do you feel like he or she sees you and relates to you as either a totally good or a totally bad person?

  • Is your BPD loved person swinging between calm and extreme rage in a split moment? Are you left puzzled as to what causes these sudden changes in their mood?

  • Do they manipulate or blackmail you? Do you feel often that you have nu winning chances with them?

  • Are you afraid of discussing relationship issues because you know from experience that you are going to accused of being selfish or too demanding? 

  • Did you have situations when one thing was okay with them one day and the next day the same thing was totally unacceptable to them?

  • Do you feel like living in an emotional rollercoaster because you never know when the next sudden mood change is going to happen? Do you feel like walking on eggshells when your BPD loved one is around?

  • Do you feel like you need have to live up to constantly changing standards and demands and that you never seem to them to do things right?

  • Have you ever been accused of saying or doing things that you have never did or said? Do you feel like hitting a wall of disbelief when trying to defend yourself?

  • Did you try to end this relationship and move on with your life but you stood because you have been promised that they are going to change and you are still waiting for those changes to this day? Or have you been threatened or blackmailed in case you left?

  • Do you feel at YOUR wits end? 


Life with a BPD suffering person can be very challenging, especially when they keep rolling into unexpected anger bouts in spite all your efforts to make things right.

Now, we both know that your BPD dear person needs professional help. But you can't just drag them to a psychologist against their will. Moreover, many BPD sufferers simply reject the idea of having issues that they need to work out for themselves. To most of them the idea that it is impossible  to always others being responsible for the problems and conflicts never occurs to them. In my experience only a small number of BPD sufferers are eventually getting to the conclusion that maybe they are contributing too to their problems. This usually happens after a series of failed relationships and marriages, after more and more people rejecting them, or someone they trust picking their attention. I repeat, these BPD sufferers are in minority numbers. Most go through their lives failing to understand that they are creating most of the drama, chaos, and conflicts that they are complaining about.

So what can you do to defend yourself and minimize your emotional "damages" if your BPD dear person is one of those who would not seek professional help?

First, let us see the MOST COMMON CHALLENGES OTHER non-BPDs are dealing with:

  • Anxiety;

  • Depression;

  • (Co)-Dependency;

  • Acute Stress;

  • Low Self-Esteem;

  • Low Confidence;

  • Negative Self-Image ;

  • Self-Downing;

  • Self-Sabotaging Belief Systems;

  • Intense Emotional Tension, Irritability, Frustration, Inner Conflicts;

  • In The Relationship They Take The "Short End Of The Stick" Because They Don't Know How To Handle Conflicts;

  • They Don't Know How To Speak Up For Themselves Or Are Afraid;

  • They Don't Know How To Gain Peoples' Respect;

  • They Feel Afraid Or Don't Know How To Set Boundaries; Some Are Afraid To Implement Them.


"It's not what happens to you, it's how you perceive it that matter."

- Epictetus

This is a testimonial from a non-BPD client from Australia that I worked with several tears ago...

*"Hi my name is Adel, I'm from Melbourne, Australia. My husband of 18 years left me suddenly 6 months ago now. I went searching for answers to why he left me & our sons, for no real good reason. He started seeing a psychologist for depression. He had always been a moody person, up & down, always scared I was going to leave him and no matter how much I told him, that I would never do that because I love him so much, it always felt like he never believed me. He started going weird once he started going to the psychologist and started saying things like his mind was going numb and that he couldn't see me in his future. This freaked me out and hurt me so much. We were so close, we did everything together, I was his everything. He told me a secret that held in for 25 years. Then 2 weeks later he left. He said "its not about you, it's about me". He hurt me so much, I wanted to die.

He has blamed me for everything and has not acknowledged anything I have done for him. I read a lot online, trying to find answers. Nothing seemed to explain the lack of empathy, the lying, the paranoia that was coming out of his mouth, the lack of trust, the rages I've never seen before, always having a headache, so many things. Depression alone didn't have all the symptoms of how he was treating me and our sons and any other mental illness. I couldn't except he was just being a bad person. Someone close to me mentioned BPD, I'd never heard of it, so I invested a lot of time on the internet researching BPD, it was OMG, this has been my life with my husband. I just thought he was overly sensitive, and the constant whining about everybody we knew. His boss, co-workers, our friends, his parents, siblings, my family, my siblings. No body listening. Still all this information I had, but nobody I knew, really understands where I'm coming from, they haven't lived my life. The things that have come out of his mouth, the things that he's done. I came across [...]Michael Weisz.

I started emailing him, with so many questions, he answered as promptly as possible. We have had sessions over skype, everything that I've told him, he has answered, so that I can understand, from the BPD's point of view. He has spent so many hours helping me, I am so lucky to have Michael in my life.


Adel, Melbourne, Australia

*On file

These are some of the BENEFITS that you are going to get if you decide to work with me personally:

  • STOP HURTING by learning how to see yourself versus your BPD dear person in a better light REGARDLESS how they are treating you;

  • CLEARING YOUR MIND by learning to solve problems efficiently and to the advantage of BOTH OF YOU;

  • Learn how to talk, behave, interact, and be yourself WITHOUT triggering your BPD dear one;

  • Build your self-esteem and confidence;

  • Know what to do and what to say to convey that you are on their side and that they can trust you;

  • Be on top of situations regardless how irrational or out of hand they may seem;

  • Work out your anxiety, stress, worry, desperation, shame, guilt, irritation and frustration;

  • Learn how to communicate with your BPD dear person the right way and induce them to admit that they need to work out their issues.


For example, one of my non-BPD patients turned to me to help her bring her BPD boyfriend back into her life. She knew that this was out of her personal control, however the thought that she'll lose the love of her life made her feel very low.

As we began working together, we identified several thinking and emotional patterns that had been triggered by her boyfriend.

Then, as we had searched in her past, we discovered that her desperate need to bring her boyfriend back was rooted in a number of unconscious attitudes that she has learned about herself when she was young. Those attitudes were "implanted" in her subconscious mind by her mother who was very harsh with her when she used to put on attractive outfits.

I explained her that wearing clothes that are highlighting her physical advantages in a tasteful way is not bad or immoral. That was her mother's perception.

Her mother rejected her for wearing those outfits. Then in collision with other negative life experiences she has eventually started believing that she is never going to get the most important things that she wants in life.

So, getting back to her boyfriend, who by the way was quite difficult to live with because of his BPD symptoms and reactions, she saw his loss as the confirmation of her belief system which said that "I will never get what I want in life."

As we had identified and restructured other self-deprecating belief systems and attitudes, she eventually began to exert her rights and needs in more confident and assertive ways. She was positively surprised about herself when she began having the courage to step up for herself, whereas before she rarely had the guts to do it.

This is just a short example of how I work and how my non-BPD patients learn to handle their problems .

"Okay, I like what I read here and I want to work with you Michael to improve my relationship and my life!"

This is what you need to do next:

  • Click the Order button below and complete the SECURE payment process;

  • You will immediately get an email confirming that your payment was processed successfully;

  • In the next 24 hours I will send you and email with all the necessary details for the first session, including the date, time, and the legal agreement (see model here).



During the first session we are going to start building the therapeutic relationship which will be based on trust, support, non-judgmental and empathic COLLABORATION.

We will work together as a TEAM to identify the problems you are struggling with, we will find solutions together, and will find practical ways to implement them into your relationship and your life.

For example, in connection with your BPD loved one you will learn how borderline personality develops, what its causes are, what your exact situation is within the relationship, and what YOUR unmet needs are. We are going to find SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS FOR YOU! We are going to evaluate the relationship and identify ways to improve it while fulfilling your and your loved one's needs!

When we identify a problem, first I always evaluate whether the problem at hand arises in only one type of situations or experiences, or in several others too over longer periods of time. This way I CAN CLARIFY whether the problem is "singular" or it is "general".

"Singular" problems need "singular" solutions, while "general" problems need "general" solutions.

For example, let us say that a "singular" anxiety is triggered by a "singular" or "specific" situation or experience, like one kind of thing that your BPD dear one says or does. The cause of YOUR anxiety can be YOUR black and white thinking style. In this case the solution to the problem stands in making this thinking style more flexible, help you make it see the "grey" areas in between too.

On the other hand, if anxiety is a symptom of a more "general" cause, like it usually is the case in depression and personality disorders, in the counseling sessions we are going to focus on the deeper aspects of your personality, like your values, perceptions, and thinking patterns. Working these out eliminate depression, anger, hopelessness, desperation, and low self-esteem.

So, TAKE control over your relationship and life BACK! 

90 Minutes Session ONLY $100 (that is ONLY $67/60 minutes!)

Then send me an email at Michael@NonBPDSolution.com to set the date and time for YOUR FIRST SESSION!



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